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  • kids Clothes flocking Suit Hangers

kids Clothes flocking Suit Hangers

  • kids flocking hangers
    •Supports up to 10 pounds per hanger
    •Available in packs of 30, 50 and 100
    •Offered in 9 colors

One of the best space-saving closet tips we’ve ever learned is to stop using wooden, plastic or wire hangers (the horror) and replace them all with sleek, velvet wardrobe saviors. The textured fabric is great for holding even the most slippery tops in place, while the super-thin design can help free up some much-needed room on your closet rod. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make the swap. Here are three of the greatest packs of velvet hangers you can pick up right now
The Facts:
•Won’t shed on dark clothing
•Hook rotates a full 360 degrees

These came to us by recommendation of PureWow editor Sarah Stiefvater. “My closet looks a bit like a black hole and things tend to get lost in there. Using white hangers is unbelievably helpful for distinguishing what’s what, while keeping everything neat and orderly, and I loved that they don't leave any white hairs or threads on my black clothing." But more than just brightening up a small, dark closet, these hangers have multiple reviews noting how they appear to leave minimal (if any) indentations in the shoulders of tops and dresses, even when hanging something damp to dry.