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  • Velvet Non-Slip Top & Bar Hangers

Velvet Non-Slip Top & Bar Hangers

  • Features

    IDEAL FOR HANGING: Any adult clothing including: shirts, t-shirts, coats, trousers, skirts and jumpers.
    SHOULDER NOTCHES: Securely hang strappy tops and skirts with hanging loops.
    TROUSER & ACCESSORY BAR: Organise more than just your trousers with practical trouser and accessory bars for trousers, belts, scarves and accessories.
    SWIVEL HOOK: Chrome hook rotates 360° for easy positioning.
    SIZE: Top Hangers: Width 41.5cm (16.3") Height 22.5cm (8.8") Thickness 4.5mm (0.16") approx.
    SIZE: Bar Hangers: Width 42 cm (16.5") Height 22.5cm (8.8") Thickness 4.5mm (0.16") approx.



A complete set of velvet hangers to cover all of your wardrobe needs.

Made from sturdy and long-lasting plastic covered with luxe, non-slip faux-velvet, our ultimate space-saving velvet hangers will prevent your clothes from slipping off the rail and on to the floor.

Our velvet hanger set includes velvet hangers and top hangers to ensure that clothes are hung properly on the rail, and suitable for a variety of clothing including: jackets, tops, skirts, dresses, shirts and trousers.

Upper shoulder notches on top hangers hold clothes with loops and straps in place, and the integrated accessory bar holds scarves and belts.

Additionally, a 360° swivel hook makes positioning easy.

Our useful set of essential velvet hangers is ideal for home or retail. Pack contains 10 bar hangers and 10 top hangers.