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  • VICS hanger CPT-12
  • VICS hanger CPT-12
  • VICS hanger CPT-12
VICS hanger CPT-12 VICS hanger CPT-12 VICS hanger CPT-12

VICS hanger CPT-12

    Lighter tops, shirts, skirts and dresses,Blouse T-shirt
    shoping mall,supper market,fashion chain store
    LENGTH 10"12"15"
    COLORblack transparent white or other color
    PRINTTING LOGO is Avaliable
    CARTON DIMENSION :60*36*45cm



IDEAL FOR HANGING:     Lighter tops, shirts, skirts and dresses hanger

HIGH-QUALITY PLASTIC:  Made from durable plastic with a smooth finish.

SHOULDER NOTCHES:     Deep upper shoulder notches enable clothes with loops and straps to be hung easily without slipping   off.


Long-lasting, space-saving plastic top hanger shaped to ensure that garments remain in good condition whilst hung. Our ever-popular plastic top hanger is made from durable and lightweight plastic.

Suitable for hanging a range of lighter clothing including tops, shirts, skirts and dresses. With deep L-notches to hang strappy tops and skirts with loops,

plus a smart-looking black metal swivel hook for easy positioning

there is no need to worry about clothes slipping off the hanger.

In addition, slim design means that this useful hanger creates more space on the rail too.

A classic plastic hanger, with a twist of modernity, that is perfect for both personal everyday use and retail displays.

These heavy-duty plastic hangers feature a space-saving flat body, a polished chrome swivel hook and notches for the option of hanging straps. This style also features a loop from which to hang another hanger with coordinate pieces. These high quality, low cost hangers will last you for years.VICS hanger